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  • Do you live in the United States?
  • Are you looking for a Brazilian product or a Brazilian themed item?
  • Do you want to buy Brazilian products or Brazilian themed products?
  • Would you like to quickly find hundreds of Brazilian products and Brazilian themed products in one place?

The items on this site are published on other sites (such as Amazon). I have collected hundreds of products to make a Brazilian products catalogue. I categorized the products to make browsing easier. Just click on a category on the right column of the page. Some categories have multiple pages of products and you can navigate to each page from the bottom of each page. And there is a search box in the upper right – just type a word or phrase and press enter.

My family and I are often in need of something Brazilian-themed or made in Brazil. My Brazilian mom will often ask me to look for a specific Brazilian food that she cannot find locally, such as Paçoquinha de Amendoim (ground peanut candy bar) or farinha.

My American dad is very fond of chokitos, a Brazilian chololate candy bar. My siblings and nephews and niece are often looking for Brazilian t-shirts and other Brazil themed gear. The World Cup 2014 Brazil themed items are very popular now as all get ready for the soccer games this summer. At some point I thought it simpler to collect  all the Brazilian stuff in one place on this website. It sure saves time! I just make sure that they bookmark this site on their computers, tablets and cellphones.

I hope it saves you time as well.

I regularly add items so check back often!

Aquele Abraco!