Toddy Gear 15X7B11302 Brazil 5 x 7 Inches Premium Microfiber Smart Cloth for Screen and Glass Cleaning – 1 Pack – Retail Packaging – Blue/Yellow/Green/White

Toddy Gear was founded by Todd Gabel as the beginning of an extraordinary, worldwide movement to clean every gadget, every screen, and color the world. Toddy Gear’s Ready, Set, Cheer! line can help you express your Olympic and national loyalties with a variety of flag-pattern prints. The Toddy Gear Smart Cloth is a functional and fashionable microfiber cloth carefully crafted for effective, scratch-free cleaning of extremely sensitive surfaces. This stylish double-sided wonder cloth has a plush microfiber that doesn’t just spread dirt and oil from your fingerprints around on your e-screens. It whisks them away with a couple of simple swipes, leaving you with that ‘out of the box’, clean feeling – and nothing feels better than a brand new gadget with that out of the box, clean feeling! Flip your Toddy Gear over, and the silky, decorated side polishes your device even further, while its tactile pleasantness tempts you to just rub it against your face like your beloved childhood blankie. Machine-washable and dryable on low heat. The AEGIS┬áMicrobe Shield protects against germs mildew and mold between launderings. The Toddy Gear Smart Cloth was developed to clean the world’s e-screens effortlessly, effectively, and with a style that’s totally fierce. Once you have got one, it will never leave your side!100% premium microfiber